Natural Toothpaste Alternatives

Ever wonder how the people of the past do “tooth brushing” even before the tooth brush and tooth paste were invented? Surely, both tooth brush and tooth pastes were inexistent when the first civilization began, right? History tells us that, unlike with the use of tooth brush and tooth paste as practiced to this day,... Continue Reading →

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Scabs

In general, scabs are defined as the natural process that protects your skin from bleeding injuries through the creating of a hard coating. With the appearance of scabs, we came to know that healing process has begun and it becomes a challenging to remove these scars entirely. After healing the skin, the scabs may remove... Continue Reading →

8 amazing all-natural antifungal remedies

Whether the fungus presents itself as a toenail fungus, athlete's foot, a yeast infection or something else, dealing with it is never fun. Product intended to deal with the fungus often come with side effects that are just as much a problem as the original infection. Fighting fungi is just plain frustrating! To be able... Continue Reading →

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