Post waxing care / After waxing skin care tips

Today waxing is adopted by almost all individuals who wish to remove excess hair from hand, legs, under arms and other parts of the skin. The unwanted hair over several parts of your skin can irritate you now and then. Thus, waxing is an important phenomenon that will remove excess hair from your skin and make you look attractive.

Once waxing is done, you need to see whether there is any type of damage or harm on your skin. The post waxing care will be an important procedure to accomplish proper care after the waxing is done on your skin. Let us find out some of the effective post waxing care process.

Just after waxing is done, it becomes really important to take proper care of your skin or else your skin will lose shine and health.  You can get appropriate products in the market that helps in providing you with an irritation free skin after waxing is completed. Nature based products will be really great for beautiful skin tone.  Tea tree oil extracted from nature forms a wonderful way of rejuvenating your skin.

Many people are quite likely to develop post wax infection over their skin.  Proper care must be taken for individuals who have just completed waxing. It is quite likely to create bump over the skin if the skin is not suited to waxing. Let us have a look to have a bump free skin.


Even though waxing is very common method of getting rid of the unwanted hairs, many people are still not new to waxing. Waxing is the better and good technique of removing those unwanted hairs. It is painful in the initial, but once regularized you won’t feel much pain. Waxing is the better option because it removes the mass hair from the follicle. The process of shaving removes hair only from the surface. Since waxing removes hair form follicle it takes time for the hair to grow back, you get better results. Because waxing removes hair form the follicle it is painful and can cause irritation, redness of the skin. To avoid such instants it is good to follow per and post waxing care. Before waxing there are lots of care to be taken.

First of all you need to check whether it is time to schedule a waxing section. The hair growth should be more than 1/4”, if the hair shorter than that it is better to post pond the waxing section. Many people avoid waxing thinking the pain and skin problems. But if you take care of the skin before and after waxing, it is an ideal way to get rid of the unwanted hairs from your body. It is very important to take good care of your skin post waxing. After waxing to achieve the best result it is good to follow the post waxing care. Mentioned below are some of the things which need to be taken care post waxing :

Tips to maintain bump free skin after waxing


You must moisturize the wax area regularly just after completion of waxing. It will be preferable if you apply a cream which contains antiseptic properties.  The natural moisturizing elements are aloe vera, tea tree oil etc. By using the natural moisturizers, you can get rid of any type of irritations. Sometimes you can get in grow hairs due to dryness and flaky skin. This is one of the main reasons behind non allowance of hair growth. You must always moisturize your intimate skin with something which will be mild and effective.

Exfoliating waxed area

After waxing is done, you must exfoliate the area at least two to three times in a week so that dead skin cells will be eradicated.  Even you should not choose a scrub for the intimate area which is highly perfumed. The exfoliate must not be too hard which might damage your under arm skin but, it will be equally important to have the exfoliate that has enough grainy substance inside. Thus, choosing of a right exfoliate will be very important after waxing.

Clean and dry

Try to keep your underarms clean after waxing so that dirt cannot get deposited and destroy the skin which is very sensitive. Even there is a chance that your underarms will be deposited with seat as it remains closed most of the time. Keeping it dry and clean is equally important just after waxing. In order to keep it dry, you can apply powder in your underarms in equal proportion. You can also use Loofahs in non intimate areas where waxing took place.


Dead sea salt to avoid bumps after waxing

If you are prone to infection whenever you go for waxing, dead sea salt will be a wonderful remedy for you in this regard.  This will prevent infection just like other anti bacterial products. You can use this salt with water after completion of your waxing activity in order to get relief from bacterial effect in those intimate areas.

Wash hands

Even your clean hands might have many microbes that you easily affect other parts in your body on touching. It’s better to wash your hand properly with an antiseptic soap or that of a sanitizer to remove all microbes and bacteria from the area.

  1. Application of Ice : Apply some Ice cubes or pour some Ice water on the surface. This will help to close the pores and reduce redness.
  2. Avoid Sun : Its better to avoid hot sun post waxing. And hot bath or shower after waxing will irritate your skin which may cause redness of the area.
  3. Apply Lotion :Application of cooling lotion is a good practice. Aloe vera gel or lotion is considered the best to cool and calm the skin post waxing.
  4. Check menstrual cycle : It is better to check your menstrual cycle before waxing. Waxing around the time of menstrual cycle will increase the chances to cause redness.
  5. Avoid contact : Do not touch the waxed skin often because it may cause irritation and small pimples may occur.
  6. Avoid Chlorine : It is better to avoid contact with chlorinated water for 24 hrs, as it may cause irritation of the skin. So it is better not to go for Swimming post waxing.
  7. Schedule next waxing : Make sure to schedule the next waxing dates before-hand. Since regular waxing will help to reduce the growth of unwanted hairs.
  8. Regularize to reduce pain : Regular waxing will help to reduce the pain felt on your initial waxing experience.
  9. Use of body scrub : To reduce ingrown hair use clear body scrub daily. Clean the body scrub with a clean cloth and then rinse off. It is better to use a clean cloth than using loofahs or mesh sponges as it may cause breakouts.
  10. Avoid tight cloths : Uses of tight clothes post waxing can be avoided. If there is any irritation in the skin wearing tight clothes may cause more irritation and redness.

Tips for post waxing care

Avoiding heat

Just after waxing is done, your skin will remain in a very sensitive stage. Thus, you have to be really careful about your skin post waxing period. Heat or hot element can cause damage to your skin when you have just completed your waxing process. The best way will be to stay away from heat when you have finished your waxing. Many ladies have fascination of taking sauna bath. But, this must be avoiding after waxing. Also you should be restricted in using hot tubs as well as tanning beds.

Cold compress

cold_compressJust after the activity of waxing is done, you need to apply the cold compress. This is very important as after completing the procedure of waxing your skin tends to become really very sensitive. This is a wonderful treatment to make your skin free from irritation that can come up after the waxing is done. You can apply ice cubes over the area where you have recently completed the task of waxing. The cold compress will be a very important process to comply with post waxing.

Massage your skin

Once you have completed your waxing process, your skin gets tendered. You need to make it relaxed and get its previous state. Massage will be a wonderful process just after waxing that will provide ultimate care to your skin. If you have done the waxing in a parlor, the experts in the parlor would massage your skin so that the tenderness of the skin is no more visible.

Raw milk for post waxing care

If you are purchasing raw milk on a regular basis to drink and for any other purpose at your kitchen, this can be used specifically as one of the post waxing care treatment. There is a tendency that your skin can catch up with redness after waxing is done. But there are several remedies to combat this situation. You need to take half cup of skimmed milk and dissolve it in same quantity of water. Now dip towel in the solution and apply it over your skin where you have undergone waxing. Even if you have inflammation or redness over your skin, the lactic acid in milk will keep it cool and make your skin sooth.


Increase the SPF factor in your daily cream or lotion

Once your skin has undergone waxing, it will be very sensitive and prone to sun. There will be a good chance that it can meet up with sun burn once it is exposed to sunlight. If you are using the moisturizer on your skin that is having SPF 25, increase it to SPF 50. Your skin will stay well and be really well protected from sun rays even if you are facing the direct sun rays. Do not forget to apply the lotion and cream with higher SPF factor before going outside under the sun rays post waxing.

Aloe vera treatment post waxing

Just after completion of your waxing procedure, you need to apply something which will provide you with a soothing effect. There are varieties of home remedies that will help you stay away from the redness, irritation, itching, bumps & allergy after the waxing is done. The very popular and effective home remedy is Aloe Vera treatment. All you have to do is pluck a leave of Aloe Vera plant and cut it from the middle. You can view a thick gel inside the leave. Extract the Aloe Vera gel from the leaf and apply to the portions where you have got your waxing done. This effective Aloe Vera home remedy will give you relief from irritation.


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