New Research Says One Glass Of Red Wine Can Replace An Hour Of Exercise

What if you could replace the gym with a glass of wine?

While I don’t want to encourage you to skip the gym, this may actually be possible according to new research.

What Wine Can Do For Your Body

Scientists headed by Jason Dyck from the University of Alberta have found that a compound in wine called resveratrol has the same benefits on your body as exercise. It can improve your muscle strength and heart function. It can slow aging and regulate your blood sugar. It can also lower your risk of cancer and heart disease. 

Reservatrol can also mimic exercise and potentially help those people who are incapable of physical activity, meaning that drinking a glass of wine could improve the life and lifespan of those who cannot exercise.

If you are, however, capable of exercising, scientists still encourage you to do so. You can simply add a glass of wine to your daily routine and reap the benefits it has for a physically active body as well.

Researchers from other universities agree that wine can improve exercise, help weight loss and maintenance, and improve your health.

Research from Washington State University has also found that resveratrol in wine can prevent your body’s fat cells from acquiring more fat. 

A study from the University of Denmark has also found that people who drink wine daily have slimmer waistlines than people who don’t.

Another study from Harvard discovered that in their sample people who gained a significant amount of weight did not drink alcohol, while those who didn’t gain weight had wine regularly.

Researchers from the University of Arizona have discovered that wine can suppress appetite and lower binge-eating.


Not a wine drinker? Blueberries, peanut butter, red grapes and dark chocolate provide similar benefits as they also contain resveratrol.

If you love wine, give this a thumbs up and share it. If you don’t, but you are a blueberry, dark chocolate, red grape or peanut butter fan, do the same.


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