The New Natural Botox, Cheap and Super Effective, Is Called Maicena Mask!

How much do you invest to look cute, young and healthy? Are you happy with the treatments you get? We bring you a suggestion: try the home remedies. No cream can give you back the youth, texture, elasticity or firmness of the skin. They all promise, but few fulfill. Therefore, let us return to the origins: the natural. For example, a mask of cornstarch.

This mask has proven to be very effective that the dermatologists themselves can not find a way to explain how they can act so quickly.


Only these ingredients you need:

-1 tablespoon cornstarch
-5 tablespoons of carrot juice
-1 tablespoon of natural yogurt
-150 ml of purified water
-1 brush to apply the mask

Instructions to follow:

1.We must boil 100 ml of water. We reserve the other 50 ml of water to dissolve the cornstarch.

2.Once the crumbs are disintegrated, add this mixture to the boiling water. We revolve and integrate everything. Let cool the mixture and incorporate natural yogurt and carrot juice.

3.We must apply the mask with the brush making circles on the face. Let stand for 15 minutes and remove with plenty of cold water.

4.This action should be repeated twice a week for a month. The results are incredible.

Thank you for reading this information. If you found it useful, do not hesitate to share it.



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