Orange & Grapefruit Hand Cream Recipe

This energizing orange & grapefruit hand cream recipe is fairly easy to make, doesn’t require many ingredients, and will leave your skin hydrated and smelling amazing! This recipe contains all natural ingredients, and once you acquire them, the possibilities for making many different cosmetics and products are endless! To make this orange & grapefruit hand... Continue Reading →

10 foods that help promote hair growth

Strong, healthy hair is something that most people want. Typically, hair grows about half an inch per month, though the growth rate varies depending on many factors. Hair health can be affected by age, genetics, stress, hormones, hygiene, styling habits and diet. A diet lacking in the right nutrients can manifest itself on the scalp.... Continue Reading →

DIY Split End Hair Mask

Split ends are some of the most annoying and common hair problems, but that doesn’t mean you constantly have to visit the salon for trims! This DIY split end hair mask can actually repair split ends, fix damaged and broken hair, and give hair an overall healthier appearance. Split ends are caused due to a... Continue Reading →

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