17 Unique Uses For Vaseline

Vaseline has been around for decades, but what is it used for?

Beyond moisturizing your lips, this glossy salve is one of the iconic formulas that is probably there in your medicine cabinet. It is a multitasking cream, which is not meant to be used only as a lip balm, for burns, or to heal a diaper rash. From fixing squeaky doors to a shoe shiner, the petroleum jelly can be a go-to source for almost everything.

Here are our 17 favorite Vaseline hacks:

1. Lip Scrub:

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For the times when applying a lip balm on your lips is just not enough, Vaseline lip scrub provides a gentle exfoliation to the lips. It can rival those expensive products available in the market.

All you need to do is grab some sugar, and add a small amount of Vaseline to it. Mix well. Gently apply and scrub this mixture on your lips. Massage in a circular motion for best results. Wipe the lips, apply lip balm, and you are ready to head out!

Tip To Pick Sugar Of Your Choice:

While selecting sugar for the above lip scrub, here is what you need to know – brown sugar is softer, white granulated sugar is more abrasive, and caster sugar is the finest. Now, the choice is yours!

2. Heals Cracked Feet:

Vaseline is one of the best treatments to heal cracked feet and make your feet softer. This emollient is beneficial for your feet, and it also helps to keep your whole body smooth and supple.

Rub a coat of Vaseline on your feet at night. Put on a pair of clean socks and go to sleep.

The oils present in petroleum jelly help to seal in the moisture, and it stays on the surface of the feet for longer hours than other water–based lotions, thus promoting quicker healing.

3. Cuticle Care:

Vaseline is an effective salve for protecting and repairing dry cuticles. It is also recommended for soft hands.

Massage Vaseline into the nail bed and fingernails before sleeping, and then wear a pair of gloves.

The next morning, you will get up with softer hands and shinier fingernails.

The cuticles are made up of the same protein as our skin. So, they become dry and cracked when the skin loses moisture. The thin and non-greasy layer of Vaseline protects the cuticles from moisture loss and, at the same time, prevents dryness and heals cracked skin as well.

4. Prevents Chafing:

Vaseline is a great chafing prevention product that can help prevent windburns and chapping while running, especially in winters.
Apply a small amount of Vaseline to the areas that are prone to chafing to prevent further rashes or irritation.

When you do so, those areas will glide rather than rubbing over each other, and thereby prevent chafing.

5. Skin Highlighter:

A tiny dab of Vaseline on your cheekbones and brow bones can add a dewy touch to your look.

It is a super easy and budget-friendly way to get glowing skin.

6. Softens Elbows:

Rub some Vaseline on your dry and cracked elbows before sleeping to soften them.

7. Aids Earring Insertion:

If you don’t wear earrings regularly, inserting studs in your ears can be surprisingly painful. For an easier time, rub your earlobes with a bit of Vaseline, and then try inserting the studs. It’s the best pain-free method.

8. Defrizzes Your Hair:

Take a tiny amount of Vaseline in your palms, and then apply it to your hair. It will help defrizz your hair. However, take care not to use much, else you may end up with greasy hair.

You can also use Vaseline to seal split ends to conceal the dryness at the ends.

9. Opens Stuck Drawers:

Is that stuck drawer making you crazy every time you attempt to open it? Apply Vaseline to prevent it from getting stuck, and the drawer will open smoothly.

10. False Eyelash Remover:

Dip a cotton bud in Vaseline and then swab it onto the false lashes. Let the glue soften for some time, and then wash it off with warm water.

11. Prevents Lipstick Stains:

You don’t want to get lipstick on your teeth, do you?

Rubbing some Vaseline on your teeth before wearing a bright lipstick will prevent the lipstick from sticking to the teeth.

12. Tames Eyebrows:

Slick some Vaseline on your brows and achieve a tidy look.

13. Fixes Stuck Zippers:

This situation can be very annoying.

Apply a bit of Vaseline on both the sides of the stuck zipper and unstick it easily.

14. As A Fire Starter:

Wish to camp tonight? A cotton ball dipped in Vaseline can be the perfect fire starter.

15. Opens Your Nail Polish Bottle With Ease:

Do you struggle to open your nail polish bottles??

Rub some Vaseline around the neck of the nail polish bottle. It will prevent the build-up of nail polish over the neck of the bottle, and thus, will make it easy to open.

16. Makes Perfume Last Longer:

Before spritzing on perfume, apply some Vaseline over your neck and wrist. You’ll smell wonderful all day long.

17. Easy Eye Makeup Remover:

Just a few simple swipes of Vaseline can remove your eye makeup within seconds. Make sure you rinse it off immediately to avoid any irritation.

Why buy a handful of products when a humble jar of Vaseline can do so many jobs? I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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